June 10, 2000 was a busy Saturday in Los Coyotes Indian reservation off Warner Springs, CA. I joined the group of "Inland Freaks" leaded by Jeff Strickland, AKA CRWLR. There also was a cloud of rigs from "Tierra del Sol" club and some campers. The run was pretty intense, there were a lot of interesting obstacles. Nothing a stock TJ with a Trac-Lok and 30" tires can't make with a possible exception of Bronco Hill. I managed to put my Jeep up the Bronco Hill. All thanks to Bill's thinking and talent in arranging rocks. That would be terrific if somebody could jump in and e-mail me the names of the places we drove through. If I am not mistaken here are the names of several parts of this route: Lady Bug Lane, Squeeze Rock, Creek Road, Hot Dog Hill, El Hill (I took the bypass here, saved for the next time :), Helliport.And here is the GPS track from the trip:

And here are the coordinates of some LC waypoints:

N33.28317 W116.63464 Warner Springs Gas Station (W_GAS) this is a convenient place to fill up on gasoline.
This station is open every day, but it closes around 6:00 pm. They also sell ice. They have a very small store that offers a limited amount of food and drinks. If you go camping on the Reservation, you can make ice runs in the morning before hitting the trail.

N33.27946 W116.63304 (LC_Exit) this is an east turn exit you need to take from Hwy. 79 to Los Coyotes Indian reservation. This is about 200 yards from the gas station. The street name is Camino San Ignacio. It is about 7 miles to the gate

N33.25566 W116.57599 The Check In station (CH1), this is where you pay ($10/vehicle a day) the entrance fee and get a map. The fee structure is actually better than that. If you camp, it is $12.00 per night, or $15 if you have an RV and pull your Jeep. If you arrive early on Sat morn, and stay until Sun late afternoon, you can get in 2 days of wheeling for either 6 or 7.50 per day. You can get a LC T-shirt at the gate for $15. There are no hook-ups on the Reservation

N33.27268 W116.54231 (AIRDWN) this is a picnic area, convenient to prepare your rig to face the unpaved roads. This is the main camping area. There is a grove of oak trees here and the dirt is ideal for tent stakes. There a few water spigots and a couple of porta-potties. The ground is generally level, but it does have a slight tilt for run-off. There is another camping area across the road that is a little more structured (kinda like an RV park with spaces all lined up), but it doesn't offer the shade of the old grove. Some maps of the area show this as Panawatt Springs. For the loaners out there, you can find several primitive sites scattered throughout the Reservation. Some have a table and fire ring. These are good for 1 or 2 rigs.

N33.30061 W116.55151 Left Turn Hill

N33.30838 W116.56115 The beginning of the Dangerous Road that ends at Four Corners

N33.31798 W116.55608 Four Corners...

This page includes comments from the Master CRWLR. Here is one of the comments:


The attendance list is... We had Steve (red YJ with no back seat), Mark (white CJ7 with wife and kids), Eric (yellow CJ5 with carb troubles) Dan (black CJ7 with Scrambler top), Bill (red YJ with spare tire where the back seat goes), Doug (white YJ) from the NG, you [TObject] and I [CRWLR].

All but you and Doug are members of the Inland Jeep Freeks. The Freeks are associate members of the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc.

All Jeepers are encouraged to become members of groups such as the California Association of 4WD Clubs. These groups go toe to toe with organizations such as the Sierra Club that are attempting to close public lands to off roading enthusiasts. I am certain that your state has an organization that is similar to what I belong to. These groups fight for public access to all federal lands in your state.

Stay tuned for pictures.

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