Trail reports by TObject

Dear Friends,

I enjoyed writing trail reports, and providing general information about trails and stuff. Unfortunately, I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to the activity. I anticipate there will be no updates to this page. Thank you!

Drive safe, and have fun!

Latest events:

February 6..7, 2004: Outer Limits and Clawhammer

December 24..27, 2003: Christmas at the Hammers

November 24..28, 2003: Thanksgiving at the Hammers

October 4th, 2003: Outer Limits

September 19..20: Season Opening, Sledgehammer

June 7, 2003: Reenlistment Run, Los Coyotes

May 11, 2003: Los Coyotes

April 11..13, 2003: Truckheaven

April 05, 2003: Sledgehammer

March 01, 2003: Wrecking Ball and Aftershock

November 27, 2002: Outer Limits

September 21, 2002: Sledgehammer

September 08, 2002: "Pie for Breakfast" Los Coyotes run

August 9..11, 2002: Rubicon Jeep Jamboree

June 22, 2002: White Mtn and John Bull Trails at Big Bear

Aprill 13..14, 2002: JimB does the Hammers

March 15..16, 2002: Running Jack, Sledge and Outer Limits

March 2..3, 2002: Blaine's New Rig Shakedown Run

November 3..4, 2001: Camping trip to Johnson Valley. Sunbonnet Pass and Sledgehammer trails

The 10/06 and 10/07 Rocktoberfest 2001 run was a big event.

The 07/21 run was very official.

The 06/02 run was a big tow-job.

The 05/20 run. Going up the El Hill for the first time!

The 05/12 run. D30 ring and pinion break time.

The 03/17 run was a carnage stay tuned for pictures.

The 02/10 run was wet stay tuned for pictures.

The 02/04 Pie For Breakfast event was shallow stay tuned for pictures.

The 01/27 run was nice, stay tuned for pictures.

The 01/21 Meet-Greet-Eat was fun, pictures are ready.

The 01/07 run was chaotic.

The 08/05 run was exciting, take a look at the pictures page.

The 07/22 run was dusty, pictures are ready.

The 07/04 run was patriotic, stay tuned for pictures.

The 07/01 run was scenic, stay tuned for pictures.

The 06/10 run was intensive, check out the pictures.

The 05/20 run was delicious, check out the pictures.

The 05/13 run was lots of fun, check out the pictures.

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