August 05, 2000
Clarks Rookie Run

This was one of the most exciting Southern California runs ever. Some of the Clark's customers seeing the pictures in his shop had been asking, when he would take them Jeeping. This run was their chance to experience the thrill of four wheeling first hand. MrBlain invited the TObject team to join friends from the North. Below, you'll fined the map of the Cleghorn Trail, which is located off of the interstate 15 in the middle of the Cajun Pass. This trail consists of the main road, and lots of little fire roads. Those little fire roads looming with interesting stretches and breathtaking obstacles. The main road slaves as the bypass. Surface mostly consists off washed out dirt with a little bit of rocks here and there.

The Cleghorn Trail Map

Click on the thumbnail to the left to see the map of the Cleghorn trail area, that includes support roads, convenient meeting place etc...
Click on the thumbnail to the left to see the large map of the area.
MD4 N34 18.531 W117 28.175
CAJJUN N34 18.707 W117 28.475
The meeting place (MD4) was set to 8am, near MacDonalds on the East side of I-15. This place is easy to find, just watch for Chevron and MacDonalds transparents. If you are driving I-15 take Hwy. 138 exit, also known as Cajun Junction (CAJJUN).
AIRD7 N34 18.585 W117 26.860
The yellow TJ with 33' GY mud tires was the last one to show up, and at about 9am we departed from the meeting place, and drove about 1.5 miles South I-15, then drove off the freeway to proceed another three miles up the dirt road to the Air Down Lot . All I had to do on my little TJ was, to disconnect the anti-sway bar (I have JKS links). The trail warriors let the air off their giant tires. It looked like they were getting ready to conquer the Everest mountain (I think that mountan was fifteen miles or so from there).
T04 N34 18.267 W117 25.890
The GPVs were ready to grumble, and took off in a long line formation. The idea is simple: if you can't see the vehicle behind you, you stop and wait, the truck in front of you will stop too, and so on. Do not stop right after a corner, though, always make sure that you can see a stretch of the road behind you.
The only vehicle to get stuck on this run was a Toyota SR5. It is understandable, all the other vehicles were Jeeps. Here, the Toyota demonstrates the need for better departure angles. A yellow strap quickly resolved the situation.
ST-WPR N34 18.144 W117 25.981
It is too much fun when your Jeep stalling on every other incline. A poor purple YJ had a wapor-lock problem, and had to be bushed off the mountain by a group of masculine man animals.
LUN 6 N34 17.846 W117 25.661

Mmmm... Tasty cantaloupe...
I used to think, that only pussies have cooler boxes in their Jeeps. Real man don't need no coolers. MRIs and a supply of water is all that is needed. But, this tasty treat that MrBlain team brings on hot days, changed my mind... Maybe I need to get a cooler of my own... Yeah right, what's next, paint my Jeep pink?
That's an interesting idea...

K-FAIL N34 17.685 W117 22.690
Look at Clark trying to make it up one of the hills. Nop, he did not make it. Looks like Clark is ready fro some 44 inch tires ;)
DIFF N34 17.804 W117 20.844
The V-dich driving, was the most technical part of the trip. Some of the participants backed off. They got scared. 8-O Thanks to excellent spotting job by MrBlain, little Jeep TObject completed the section A++.
AUP6 N34 18.030 W117 20.222
The air up lot is located just off the Hwy. 138. Reconnect the sway bar and inspect the vehicle does it for TObject. The big boys had to play with their CO2 balloons.
RH_RSTR N33 54.843 W117 27.846
After the trip was over, twelve of us went to the Roadhouse restaurant - the best stake I ever had!
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