San Diego Rough Riders Los Coyotes Run, Saturday, June 02, 2001

The run was great! 8 vehicles showed up, TJs, YJs, CJs and a Bronco.
I didn’t break anything, just got the tires out of balance.
I went up the El Hill again, just for show.

Tim’s CJ-5 lost a hub (that reminds me, I need to get a spare for myself), George blew up a battery on his CJ at the farthest point of the “Pirates of Caribbean” trail not far from the Old Mine. This is a trail that goes east from the El Hill. I had to drag that CJ through the whole Los Coyotes up to the gas station. My MTRs showed a miracle of traction on rocks, pulling up my jeep and a disabled jeep behind me up the 80% slopes. Sometimes I would get stuck in dusty sand and Andrew would strap me and the jeep behind. I think my rig is longer now than it used to be this morning.

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