Rocktoberfest 2001
Johnson Valley, CA

October 6th and 7th, - first October weekend of 2001 was an event for many jeepers to come together wheel and have fun. We joined Aftershock run on the first day, and concurredWrecking Ball on the second.

Here are some pictures taken on the Aftershock trail:

Bruce Hovering Over Rocks
TObject Tractoring Around
Mr. Blaine Spotting Hellbender Up
Robert Having his Jeep Moved Around by Humans

Aftershock is not a very hard trail, but it is a very interesting one. For our large group of seven thousand jeeps, it took us 7 hours and 31 minutes to finish the trail that is less than a mile long. Let me say, that some on the trail welding was involved. Coordinates of the Aftershock trail: Start: N34 25.372 W116 26.176 Finish: N34 25.811 W116 26.345

On the second day we run the Wrecking Ball. It was the second time on the Wrecking Ball for the TObject team, and this time the damage was minimal: some scrapes and bruises, and a little tie-rod trouble with blown steering stabilizer. All fun. Coordinates of the Wrecking Ball Trail: Start: N34 25.345 W116 28.330 Finish: N34 25.725 W116 28.213

Here are some pictures from Wrecking Ball:

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