"Pie for Breakfast" run September 08, 2002

This was an easy, spontaneous run. We enjoyed, and took pleasure in the little excursion.

First, a couple of jeeps stopped for breakfast at the Julian Pie Company Building at Santa Ysabel. Mmmm, apple pie, I wish I had another slice, right now… ;-)

Then, joined by another jeep at the Los Coyotes we got to the business. Usually there are all sorts of activities going on, but this time we only met a couple of jeeps through the day; one of them laying on the side on top of the Left Turn Hill. That was a nice opportunity to play with my winch. Through coordinated effort, we got the jeep recovered in no time.

Then we just had a relaxed journey through familiar Los Coyotes destinations: Quiet Road, Jeep Squeeze, Lookout Tower, Dangerous Road, Hot Dog Hill, Manzanita Loop, Squeeze Rock, Up and Down Hill…

We had fun, and got home safe.

The run track log (.mps file is available):


Directions to the "Julian Pie Co" building at Santa Ysabel:

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