September 21st Sledgehammer Run

We had a wonderful weekend of camping in Johnson Valley. The weather was very favorable, and the moon was full.

It was a lot of fun to watch ARCA competition on Saturday, and then go and do the Sledge in the afternoon. One of the jeeps torn the front track bar mounting out at the end of the trail, but everything was fixed right up, after brining welding supplies from the camp.

Another jeep slashed the sidewall, earlier in the day; but it was quickly fixed with some safety seal plugs.

In the process of waiting for the stuff from camp we invented a new sport - jeeps run to the top of the mountains in dark, and turn their flashers on. We don't have a name for that sport yet, if you come up with a good one, let us know. ;-)

It was really nice to hang out with old friends, and meet new ones.

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