From: Jeff Strickland
Subject: ROLL CALL - Pinyon Mtn, 05/13

I plan on being at the trailhead by 0900, and on the trail by 0915.

BREAKFAST For those that are interested, 0615 or so at The Swing Inn in Temecula. Exit the I-15 at Highway 79 South and head west into Old Town Temecula, the Swing Inn is on the right after you enter the Old Town district. We should be on the road after Bfast by 0700 to make the trailhead by 0900. I am planning a gas stop in Warner Springs.

DIRECTIONS Highway 79 offers a Gas Opportunity in Warner Springs for those coming in from the Los Angeles basin, and the intersection of Highways 78 and 79 offer gas in Santa Ysabel (below Julian) for those from the San Diego area. Warner Springs is 45 miles from the freeway exit in Temecula.

Try this... You *should* be able to zoom in and out to get an idea of what's where.

Take Highway 79 to Highway S2 and turn as needed toward Borrego Springs/Anza Borrego/Ranchita (whichever is most prominent on the signs). Proceed on S2 to Highway 78 (about 20ish miles), and turn RIGHT for a couple of hundred feet, then turn LEFT to proceed on S2 (this intersection is called Scissors Crossing on the map). Watch for Stagecoach Trails RV Resort on the RIGHT (about 3ish miles), the trail head is a few hundred feet further, and on the LEFT.

This trip will take us into Anza Borrego State Park, and an adventure pass is required. There is an ATM machine that dispenses the pass at the entrance to Blair Valley, about 5ish miles beyond the trailhead.

RUN ROUTE If you have a map and want to see where we are going, we will follow the Pinyon Mountain trail from S2 and head basically east to the Fish Creek trail where we will turn left and come out via Split Mountain in Ocotillo Wells. I have made this run twice before, and I think that we can make it from start to finish in 6 hours.

We will be in the desert, so please prepare yourself and families. Besides wanting ot go Jeeping, I am making this run to get the exact times to make various landmarks on the run, and mark the trail for a Club Run that is coming up in June.

EQUIPMENT Stockers can make this trail, but may require some strapping or maybe a tug with a winch. Good tires will avoid any need to unroll the winch lines and tow straps. The thing is, there are some places that have some rocks, but nothing is really that severe. It is just that low bellies AND street tires are the things that get stuck. A locker or two is good, but again, stockers can make the run.

The Tough Parts are some boulders leading into and out of Jeep Squeeze, getting around HardTop Rock, and a few places beyond Heart Attack Hill. Of course, the Squeeze, HT Rock, and HAH are obsitcles in themselves. There is no real expectation of damage, and the winching will be limited to those that hung up on a rock.

As with any organized run, all participants should carry first aid stuff, plenty of water, and safety equipment. Oh yeah, a CB radio is a really good idea. Anybody without a CB will be teamed up with somebody that has one, because we don't want to leave anyone in the desert. It would suck to get to the end of the trail and find out that somebody is missing.


From: Jeff Strickland
Subject: Pinyon Mountain - May 13th

This is a relatively mild run, with the notable exceptions of the Jeep Squeeze, Hardtop Rock, and Heart Attack Hill. Everyone that is interested is invited. The reason for this run is for me and a couple of others from my club to become familiar with the trail as we will be making a Club Run of it in June. While it is a Club Run, we always encourage guests, so don't be bashful.

Jeep Squeeze is a very tight fit between two huge rocks. Hardtop Rock has a voracious appetite for the left side window on hardtops. Heart Attack Hill is a very steep downhill.

All that run this trail *should* have good tires, tow hooks and other run of the mill recovery equipment. You should carry lunch and plenty of water. It should be in the 90's. Stock Jeeps make it over this trail with some needing a little bit of strapping, pushing, or pulling. There is not much opportunity for damage, except for the mentioned spots. A CB radio is strongly recommended (Real Jeepers have CBs anyway ).

We will pick up the trailhead in Shelter Valley across from the Stagecoach Trails RV Resort and Campground. The trail leads into Anza Borrego Park, and an adventure pass is required. These are available nearby in Blair Valley. We will take the Pinyon Mountain Trail to the Fish Creek Trail and turn left which will bring us out in Ocotillo Wells at Highway 78 and Split Mountain Road. I expect that it will take 6 hours to make this run.

DIRECTIONS Take Highway 79 towards Warner Springs. The last opportunity for gas will be in Santa Isabel or Warner Springs depending upon the direction you are coming from. After you get gas, continue on Highway 79 to the intersection of Highway S2. Take S2 towards Borrego Springs and proceed all of the way to Highway 78. (78 comes out of Julian, and some of you way want to come this way.) From S2, zig right onto 78, then zag left to stay on S2. Watch for the Stagecoach Trails on your right.

BREAKFAST I will be loading up on eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and other heart clogging delicacies at a place called The Swing Inn, in Temecula at 0630. I want to make the trailhead by 0900. The Swing Inn is located in Old Town Temecula on the west side of I-15. Exit the freeway at Highway 79 South and head to the west side of the freeway and follow the street into the Old Town district. The Swing Inn is on the right.

Kids and spousal units are encouraged. My spousal unit has expressed an interest in staying home because we were out in the desert for Easter, but the kids will be along. Optionally, bring a girl/boy friend instead of a spousal unit. (The GF/BF and SU together is generally a bad idea. )

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