Here is a GPS track log from the 05/13/00 Pinyn Mountain run leaded by Jeff Strickland, aka CRWLR.

Legend and General Information
Trail Head

The coordinates of the trail head are N33.05677 W116.42128
It is on the east side of the S2 (AKA Great Southern Overland St) four miles South from Scissors Crossing with Highway 78. There is a gift store 0.3 miles up and across the road from the trail head , it's parking lot (N33.06042 W116.42467) is a convenient place to assemble. Daily passes can be bought in Blair Valley (N33.03777 W116.40961), 1.5 miles down the S2 from the trail head.


The yellow with black dashes line represents the main track of the 03/15/00 Pinyon Mtn Run. The length of this trail is about 30 miles. The coordinates of the trail end are (N33.04068 W116.09649). This is where the Fish Creek Wash meets Split Mountein Rd.


Red dots on the main track represent three major obstacles of the trail (left to right):

  • The (Jeep) Squeeze. (N33.04952 W116.31187)
  • The Hard Top Rock. (N33.05053 W116.30347) This is the obstacle I couldn't pass through the first time I was on the trail (alone). Do not go four-wheeling alone, BTW. With Jeff's group, disconnected track bar and help of spotters, I got through it safely, and my hard top still intact. If you have a hard top, watch out for the driver side window. Just as you about to clear the obstacle, your left rear tire goes in a hole, and if you are not careful, the back of your truck may swing, hitting the rock at a window level. Watch out, there are plenty of broken tinted glass already.
  • The Heart Attack Hill. (N33.04912 W116.30012) If you are not careful, you can die there. Be as easy on the breaks as possible. If you are in trouble, do not stop - try to ride your way through.
The white track with black dashes represent the optional part of the run called "Playing in the Mud Hills". You can make this adventure as intense as you wish, or you can skip it all together. I dared to follow some big boys with my stock TJ and guess what. Once I had to be pushed when my Jeep high centered. Then, two times I had to be recovered with a tow strap. On 05/13/00 we started playing in the mud at N33.10526 W116.09735 and finished off-roading to head home at N33.13271 W116.08086.


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