San Diego Pie For Breakfast 2

Wow, that was fun! Desert Fox, me with my gang of youngsters, and wannabejeeper showed up. Thanks to Desert Fox for organizing the run, and being our guide! After the morning program we hit the Calcite Mine trail. Wannabe’s Toyota handled it like the trail was a mall parking lot. A TJ we met there, on the other hand, turned back and left with his puffy tail between his legs… err rear tires... IN YOUR FACES, JEEP NAZIS! You can be a jeeper without a Chrysler made SUV. And if somebody owns one, it does not make him a jeeper automatically. It’s nice to have one though…

Below you will find a map of the area and three more detailed maps of each of the run legs: Chariot Canyon, Fonts Point and Calcite Mine.

GPS Waypoints

Santa Ysabel   N33 06.562 W116 40.447   Santa Ysabel is a little place where Hwys 79 and 78 meet. This is where we actually have pie for breakfast at the Julian Pie Co
Chariot Canyon Start   N33 04.043 W116 32.854   This is where the Chariot Canyon Trail starts - accross the Banner store. You know there is a letter "B" on the mountain
Chariot Canyon Finish   N33 00.444 W116 27.392   This is where the Chariot Canyon trail ends
Borrego Museum   N33 15.464 W116 24.391   Borrego Springs Visitor Canter. There is a little museum, a bookstore, and a garden with desert flora
Fonts Point Exit   N33 18.198 W116 14.342   This is where you need to exit from the paved road to the wash that leads to the Fonts Point
Fonts Point   N33 15.469 W116 13.998   Fonts Point
Calcite Mine Exit   N33 16.874 W116 05.782   The exit to Calcite Mine Dirt Road
Calcite Mine   N33 17.948 W116 06.626   Calcite Mine


Chariot Canyon

This is a relatively easy trail. More like a scenic dirt road. Lot's of interesting objects, such as old mines and opportunities to see wild life. There is one stream crossing, and one long downhill (use your low gear).

Fonts Point

This is a very scenic place. You can see Salton Sea, Badlands and Baja from there. One of the X-files episode was shoot at Fonts Point. The roads to the Fonts Point goes at the bottom of a river bead. Lot's of sand!

Calcite Mine

Calcite Mine a super secret location. Read more about it here.

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